The Mt. Atkinson Precinct (MAP) is a 1,411 ha project of major significance to Victoria, in the heart
of Melbourne’s Western Growth Corridor, 23 km from the CBD. The Metropolitan Planning Authority
(MPA) commenced work on the Mt. Atkinson Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) in 2013 to elevate the
importance and significance of MAP and facilitate an anticipated project commencement in 2015.

Approximately 600,000 residents currently live within 20 minutes of the precinct.

Over the next 30 years the Mt. Atkinson Precinct (MAP) will deliver:
/ An employment centre for over 37,000 people;
/ A community of at least 20,000 residents;
/ Social, Community and Recreational Infrastructure for the wider Western Growth Corridor;
/ Economic activity resulting in a contribution of $8.3bn Gross State Product annually